What You Should Be Mindful of Before Hosting Your Software in the Cloud


Businesses have focused on efficient utility software deployment for the better part of 30 years. Today, developers are increasingly offering software titles “as-a-service”, which gives users access to these powerful tools, via the cloud, for a consistent monthly payment. Distributing solutions through cloud technologies, be they a private cloud server or a reputable public cloud provider’s platform, can give your business considerable benefits.

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How a Haphazard Approach to IT Only Creates More Problems


We have been very fortunate to assist many organizations, and this experience has given us a certain perspective of how many businesses approach their technology maintenance. We often work with new businesses to audit the performance of their IT. We’ve found that small businesses tend to have more issues and are susceptible to bigger vulnerabilities. These aren’t networks that go ignored either--many of them currently pay for an “expert” to support them.

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4 Money-Saving Measures Any Business Owner Can Implement


Unless you’re at the helm of a Fortune 500 company, it’s likely that you’re always on the lookout for new ways to save money by tweaking your company’s operations. When you’re in money-saving mode, you understand that even a small change can rack up a lot in savings. To help you in your quest to save money, consider implementing these four practices.

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Make Sure Your Business Isn’t in the Headlines for the Next Big Cyber Attack


Based on the headlines you see today, it’s no question that cybersecurity is something that every business owner should be concerned about. As attacks become bigger and more frequent, all decision makers must ask the question: who needs to step up and ensure my IT resources are secure?

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Tip of the Week: 2 Ways to Ensure Privacy When Using a Public PC


Before we dive into this week’s tip, it has to be said: if you have a choice, you should probably avoid using a public computer. As a rule, these machines feature minimal security precautions, along with maximum risk to any data accessed by the PC. Although, if a situation ever arises in which you have no choice but to use a public computer, be sure to follow these security best practices.

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The Cost of Adequate Cybersecurity is Way Less Than the Cost of a Data Breach


It’s the nature of every problem relating to business to include consequences that extend far beyond the timeframe of the issue’s initial impact. This is especially true for data breaches; an all-too-common problem that hurts organizations in many more ways than one.

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Tip of the Week: Prevent Random Restarts in Windows 10 By Setting Up an Active Hours Schedule


Let’s say that you get to work in the morning and you’re ready to be productive, only to be greeted by a notification that your device automatically installed Windows 10 updates and has restarted itself? Windows 10 has achieved a reputation for such occurrences, and we’re concerned about that you could lose progress made on projects due to an unexpected restart. Thankfully, you can take measures to keep this from happening.

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5 Ways Your Company Can Align IT Strategy With Overall Business Goals



The alignment of goals in a company helps to keep all parts of the business running smoothly. With technology as an integral part in most businesses today, it's especially important for your company to align IT strategy and business goals. Here are 5 tips to help you do just that:

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Is Your IT Staff Stressed? Here’s How You Can Help


The purpose of an internal IT department is, in theory, two fold: first, they are supposed to strategize a future for the company’s information technology, with the secondary responsibility of troubleshooting and tending to the technological issues a business faces. However, the reality is that many IT departments find themselves with no time to innovate, as they are swamped under service requests for technical issues.

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Tip of the Week: Simple Ways to Help Your Employees Know More About IT


How much of managing your IT resources are your employees responsible for? SMBs will often have their employees service
their own workstations to some degree, primarily because they don’t have the resources to devote entirely to IT management and maintenance. This lack of IT talent can largely be made up for by training your employees on basic computer tasks.

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