*FACT: 76% of Companies Rely Only on Internal Audits to Ensure Ethics and Compliance Programs.
– PwC Global Economic Crime Survey 2016

Maximizing How You Invest Your IT DollarsMaximizing How You Invest Your IT Dollars
Technologists don’t always look at IT from a business standpoint. They may not have the skills or the time to map out budgets and expenditures. Business leaders don’t always look at the technical side of IT and inherently know how their dollars should be spent. With these two dissimilar points of view and goals, it can be difficult to construct an IT plan and budget that technologists can agree upon and that business leaders can use to make the right decisions for their particular business. That’s where we fit into the equation. We don’t hire sales people to lead and advise our clients. At Apex, we have specialized teams that steer your important technology decisions.

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A Thoughtful Technology Plan that Aligns with Business Goals

A Thoughtful Technology Plan that Aligns with Business Goals

Your unique business requires a technology plan that’s aligned with your business – not a cookie-cutter one size fits all approach. At Apex, we put our proven process in place to determine the right technologies to drive your business forward. We utilize our “Zoom Out” approach to fill in the blanks during our proprietary onboarding and business process review:

1. An in-depth view of your business, people and culture;
2. Ongoing Best Practices Benchmarking: Scoring your Business IT against industry standards;
3. Identification of Technology Risks and defining the business impact;
4. Focus on sequencing high priorities that solve business risks;
5. Prioritization of IT initiatives that support your business initiatives.

We then use what we’ve learned from the complete picture that has emerged and consult our clients on our findings and recommendations. Then and only then, we will build the plan, roadmap and budget from our in depth onboarding and business process review taking into consideration recommended business intelligent solutions, application selection and integration, cloud strategy and advisement, security and industry compliance, cyber security action and remediation plan and disaster recovery and business continuity solutions.

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A Modernized Approach to Managing Your Business Technology

A Modernized Approach to Managing Your Business Technology

For your business to thrive in the digital transformation era that is upon us today, your IT department needs to do more than focus simply on operational needs. Yes, the core infrastructure that includes maintaining servers, help desk support, network monitoring and life cycle network planning is important. But in the age of service delivery models being perfected worldwide in every industry, IT departments must serve a business purpose too.

Your business requires an advocate for effective and efficient project delivery. For each and every project, we apply the fundamentals of project management: process: preparation, creation of the plan, design, implementation, troubleshooting and optimization. At Apex, we will collaborate with your entire team –executive leadership, marketing, and IT team members – to maximize the business value of your data to successfully implement your projects within scope and budget.

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The Best Defense is an Offense

The Best Defense is an Offense

At the Apex IT Group, we’ve worked hard to develop standards and best practices for your IT plan, including assessment of cyber security risks, identification and reconciliation of security vulnerabilities, monitoring of any changes and detection of potential breaches. Apex will work with you to identify your current security and technology issues. We will implement a cyber security plan that includes remediation tactics to ensure that your business can recover quickly should an attack occur to lower the overall risk to your business.

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We live by a TNT (Today Not Tomorrow) Support CultureWe live by a TNT (Today Not Tomorrow) Support Culture

When it comes to daily IT support services, it takes an experienced team of professionals to drive down the noise and eliminate service issues. Our team is trained not only on your business applications but also on your business initiatives so we understand the impact technology has on your business.

The Service Desk team at Apex ranks among the best in the IT industry, but we never rest on our laurels. We have set metrics in place that track our service desk performance, response times and resolution times – with a 100% same day response and 70% completion metric. With our centralized system to track all service requests, unlimited remote support 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. EST, and 24/7/365 emergency services, we work quickly get to the root of problems and escalate support as required to resolve issues and improve up time.

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