Our Guarantee


What if your network was down for four hours and your IT provider told you – ‘” Well, we have a service-level agreement, and we will get you back up and operational by the end of the day.” How would that work for you?

The old way of managing customer expectations in IT doesn’t work for successful, thriving businesses. IT providers that claim to have real-time response and use service-level agreements to manage client expectations do not work in today’s business climate.

24/7/365 Emergency Service

We work around the clock for our customer to make certain your IT systems are up and running.


We respond to 100% of our service requests on the same day they are received. We resolve 70% of today’s requests today, guaranteed.

15-minute Average Ticket Resolution Time

Our average response time is in real-time – we resolve issues on average in 15 minutes or less. We live by a culture of “Today, Not Tomorrow (TNT).