Architects & Engineers

For engineering and architectural firms, being on the cutting edge of innovation is vital to success in their field of expertise. Apex provides a solid IT infrastructure to engineering and architectural firms that support the exacting specifications that these firms are required to deliver to their clients. Apex works with engineering and architectural firms to monitor their networks 24/7 and proactively manage system performance and security, and provide recommendations on systems updates to assure business continuity.

Apex provides its engineering and architectural clients with:

  • Complete or partial IT outsourcing solutions aligned with business objectives to reduce labor cost and close knowledge gaps
  • Expertise in supporting line of business software including Autodesk and more
  • 24x7x365 support of your IT team and mission-critical systems
  • Cloud solutions that integrate with on-premise technology to reduce IT expenses
  • Document and email management solutions
  • Secure data storage, back-up and data recovery solutions
  • Application hosting/co-location services to lower risk and assure business continuity